[Chakra] Une nouvelle version (4.2.4)...

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[Chakra] Une nouvelle version (4.2.4)...

Message par FenDanT » ven. 05 juin 2009, 08:37

Coucoux :P
Everybody who wants to tryout KDE 4.2.4 first can download this LiveCD.


* Kernel
* KDE 4.2.4
* Tribe-3335
* Shaman 1.0.9-8
* EXT4 Support

Packages on disc

* Package list 090603 http://amnon.igprolin-online.org/isos/c ... 090603.pkg


* chakra-kde-4.2.4-i686-090603.iso http://amnon.igprolin-online.org/isos/c ... 090603.iso
* chakra-kde-4.2.4-i686-090603.md5 http://amnon.igprolin-online.org/isos/c ... 090603.md5

Known Bugs

+ "Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation"-Bug (Don't close the window, else you're back in kdm) We HAVE to use kdemod-extragear-kdesudo (kdesudo CMD) to fix this issue

Post bugs or errors with this image ONLY in THIS thread !!!
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