[xorg] using multiple xorg.conf files

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[xorg] using multiple xorg.conf files

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Hello everyone! It's the first time I post on this forum, and I think this post doesn't necessarily belong here, but I don't necessarily know where to post it because I'm a new linux user.

So, I am an arch user of a laptop, needing to use prime, it becomes extremely complicated to correctly configure my multihead setup (which I only need to use when my pc is docked).

I first tried configuring xorg.conf to use my dGPU with my external monitors, but I was getting a black screen when I booted without an external monitor.

I then tried using xrandr and autorandr to configure them, but never managed to find/use the options to use the dGPU.

So, I've been lost on how to configure my system for a week now. Today my new solution is to create multiple xorg.conf files and swap them according to my configuration.

First, is this method dangerous? And how much worse is it than the other methods available?

Then the problem is that it's really tedious to swap the .conf each time.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to automate this process.
My first idea is to create a second grub entry, which will start xorg with this or that configuration file.

If that's not possible, is it possible to create a CLI that will run before xorg and allow me to choose which configuration file to use? It could be a good starting project to get into the linux world more seriously, but I think I seriously need some leads.

Last thing, won't my method conflict with prime?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read me!
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Re: [xorg] using multiple xorg.conf files

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I can answer here, but why did not you asked here https://bbs.archlinux.org/, which is the English forum.
Could you share your 2 xorg.conf to understand a bit more your setup ?
Which graphic card are you using (reference, ...) ? Which driver is used ?
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